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Domain Videos with Audio Tracks

PART 1 shows domains in short videos with various audio presentations. 

PART 2 shows confirmed (not mine) sales.

That's great for comparison with current prices.

Or go directly to my YouTube channel

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A different way to look at domains.

From the archives - 2008 to present

Domains | Logos | Webpages | Videos

GEO - Domain Names  - Neil Rambaldi, Move Mountains, 1:07

Here's a little different way to present Domains. Here I had some fun with YouTube and my domain names. This one is Domain-Inventory's first YouTube video, created with PhotoStudio and QuickTime. Play it with your sound on and enjoy it. 

Pairs - Domains in Pairs - Medwyn Goodall, Be All You Can Be, Snows of Kilimanjaro, 3:01

Domains in pairs. Made with PhotoStudio and QuickTime. Low-cost domain names are available. Domain Names are presented in a unique setting with sound and in pairs, sharing the same extension. Listen to it with your sound ON. 

ccTLDs - Country-code domains. Garrick Davis, Funky Doodle, 1:10

We are presenting ccTLDs. Low-cost domains. See our inventory of .de, .at, .be, .eu .us, and country-code domain names. The presentation did with PhotoStudio and QuickTime. Hope you enjoy it; thanks for watching. Comments welcome. Please note: Many of the dot-at domains are no longer available from this site.

Neon - Top-level domain names - Alexander Pearls, Storm

Low-cost domains are available now.  The Neon Domains was also made with PhotoStudio and QuickTime. Turn on your sound to listen to music.

360 - com Domain Names and ccTLDs with 360 in the name. - Brad Prevadoros, Americano 1:45

'360' .com Domain Names. Made with PhotoStudio and QuickTime. Top-level Domain Names with 360 included in the name. Available with,, and more TLDs at our site. Please watch with the sound 'ON". Enjoy. Comments welcome. Thanks for listening.

Bang - Ming+FS, Crazy Legs (very short, but loud!). 0.:16

This short video tries to get a lot of attention to our site with a lot of noise. Check out our other films, too. Enjoy. Thanks for watching it. Ming+FS, Crazy Legs, Electronica, 00:16

Honeymoon - GEO and honeymoon domains - for important events and locations. - Palm Tree, Sesso Matto 1:37

Premium domains. This video is made with PhotoStudio and QuickTime.  For more top-level domains, please browse our website. 

Francophones - Noms de domaine pour le marché francophone.

French Domain Names - Domaines Francophones présente avec la musique de Piaf. Low-cost french domain names are available. Brian Ales, Piaf Song, 01:01. Looking back to 2009, I notice the few French domains getting sold. Check our site for availability.

German Language Domains​ - Terry Waldo

A large chunk of our inventory comprises German Language Domains (Domainnamen). They are available with different extensions like .de and .com. Most registrations go back to 2009, and so you would buy a vintage domain. Many of those have never been used for a website address. For prices, visit our site. Thank you.

Real Estate Domains - Ray Kelly Band - On My Own

Low-Cost Real Estate Domain Names. Real estate domains can give any Realtor an edge when it comes to outdoing the competition. Buy any of our properties to link to your site, or start a brand-new website.

Short Domains  2:33

Don't be fooled by the video's twisted image, and these are some of the shortest domains you could own. Short domain names are always in demand and fetch the highest prices. Check this selection now.

TLDs & ccTLDs -  Dame Tu Alma - Jorge Bermudez & Bermudez Triangle. 

Domains in Black and White.

Dot-com Domains - The sound title is Rainforest by Christopher Ashmore, Benjamin Marks.

Finally, the 14th video clip about premium domain names. It features top-level dot-com domains. The video goes back to 2009 and is featured here for sentimental reasons. Enjoy.


Websites 2014 archive

Confirmed past domain sales as reported by (excluding sales by Domain-inventory).

Website - Reggae Instrumental, Henry Turner Jr. 4:38

A VIDEO about the domain-selling site in 2014: no talk, just snippets of pages and music. It included extras like business job offers, upcoming entrepreneur events, and global and local contacts for domain information and business. Another version of my site.

Website - Good Ol Boys - Terry Devine-King Country & Folk

A record of actual domain prices from 2012 to 2014 - for country-code and top-level domains.

Domain Sales Prices as confirmed for Dec. 2012 to 2014. Includes similar English, German, French, and Spanish language domain names with different extensions. Great to compare prices now and then. Check the inventory with the Good Ol Boys.

Website - Country Hicks No Harmonica-Ah 2 Music " Ah2 "

A 2014 record of the domains for sales at Domain-inventory, most turned into vintage domains and still available today!

Website -  Sleepy Jake, Silent Partner, Country & Folk 

This shows a listing of confirmed domain sales for 2012 - 2014. Great for comparison of different extensions, like .com .net .info .biz .org .at .be .co .de .eu .es .fr .la .us .berlin and .club. Courtesy of The publisher verifies sales. Sound by Sleepy Jake, Silent Partner, Country & Folk.


Website -  Rising Thermal, Matt Hill

Here we have domain sales (not mine) related to similar domains offered at Again, this compares domain value and explains what a particular domain might be worth. 

Website -  Club Funk Ah 2 Music

Top-level and Country Code Domains - Buying a domain from Domain-inventory includes rare, one, two, or three-word domains designed to stand out and to increase website traffic. Choose from unique top-level domains with different languages and extensions, perfect for business.

Website -  Neil Cross - Come dine with me; cool jazz piece with an elegant lounge feel

This video shows the selling price for selected domains sold between December 2012 through September 2014. It lists over 1000 domain names and contains sales for domains with the following extensions: .com .net .info .biz .org .at .be .co .de .eu .es .fr .la .us .club and .berlin.

Website - Children of the Forest, Steve Reid was the way it looked until July 2015, including the SOLD section, which listed domain sales back to April 2012. An excellent reference for comparing domain prices.

Website - Rainforest by Christopher Ashmore, Benjamin Marks

Our 14th video clip about low-cost domain names. It only features top-level dot-com domains. The video goes back to 2009 and is featured here for sentimental reasons. Lots of work went into this one. Enjoy.

Dot-tel Domains - Isisip - The lotus flower (remastered).

Dot-tel is no longer part of the inventory.

Choose your domain in the language of your choice. English, German, French, Dutch, and Spanish website addresses are for sale. In addition, we offer top-level, country-code, and generic domain extensions. 

Please note that some domains are no longer available (at Additionally, all domains are subject to prior sale or expiration.

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