The high cost of a domain can be justified when the domain reflects a website's content.


Sadly, perfect domains are expensive. However, they are worth it, mainly when a keyword domain, such as offered at Domain-inventory, has a top-level extension.


  • Domains are valuable because they are unique. Even with more and more extensions to choose from, there is no denying that proper domains are not cheap. 


    High prices for domains are demanded too when a domain is 'parked' and generates high revenue. Through affiliate sites or specific links, a parked domain can generate income, which again increases the value of a domain.


    Domain-inventory's keyword-rich domains are perfect for relevant websites. Check our inventory, and you will see that we offer many categories, professions, trades, and languages to suit your endeavor.

    How to buy a domain


    Copy and paste any domain name into your browser to see the purchase price. There are three options that are available to acquire a domain. 


    • Buy-it-Now. Accept the posted price and buy the domain name right away. You can use the free service of a domain broker or contact me. 


    • Start an auction. Again, with the assistance of a domain broker, you can place a bid on any domain. Any accepted, bid once the proposal is approved, will start an auction.


    • Make an offer. All reasonable proposals are accepted. Contact your domain broker or me.


    Domains subject to prior sale.

    Prices subject to change.

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