About domains and me (short version):

This new domain selling site, which you are visiting now, went online on June 1, 2017, continuing instead of the older niccosblog. I have been offering domain names since 2008. 

About domains and me (extended version):


This part includes a bit of domain history.


Content-related KEYWORDS are an essential part of many domains. As long as it contains one or two keywords, it is considered a valuable piece of real estate. Moreover, as a website title, gracing the top of your internet site, it can have a tremendous power of expression.


In the past, some of the highest domain sales achieved record prices. That's because of their keyword(s), as seen below.

2021 Sales (not mine) below were confirmed by DNJournal.com.

2021 sales:

  • SouthernCharmRealty.com - $15,000

  • pattersonautogroup.com - $3,080

  • vipclassiccars.com - $2,888

  • Dachzeltberatung.de - €4,800 = $5,616


Keyword domains - The Highest sales through August 2021

  • SelfMade.com - $977,500

  • GoBet.com - $850,000

  • LiveWire.com - $632,500 

  • WorldClass.com - $400,000

  • WeShare.com - $280,000

  • RVsForSale.com - $194,213

  • ExchangeRates.com - $180,000

  • ExpiredDomains.com - $125,000

  • CandyShop.com - $112,125

  • Pulseoximeter.com - $90,000 

Sold in 2020

  • BoatsForSale.com - $396,769

Numbers, too, came into play. For example, 360.com sold for $17 million in 2015.


  • In other words, if you were to have a website about New York, it would be best to have a keyword website title, like NYNY360.com.


  • If your business were selling saris from India, a domain like SarisofIndia.com would be perfect for promoting and selling saris over the internet.


  • Likewise, when someone Googles 'German Polo Tour,' the domain containing those keywords, German-Polo-Tours.de would be on page one of search results. An English language URL even has the appropriate country code .de extension.


Because of the non-availability of short domains, companies resorted to creating 'none words,' like Tumblr, Flickr, and others. Words not found in any dictionary.


When finally the most obscure domains were taken too, held by those squatters or people who just ran out of ideas, sanity slowly returned.


Key Word Domains.

CasinoMetropole.com, UponEverest.com, OrlandoUniverse.com, and a few lengthy domains came back in demand.


The best title for a website precisely reflects its content. 


That could be a globally recognized name, Nike, Apple, IBM, or a keyword domain. The considerable advantage of a keyword-loaded domain is that it responds directly to search words entered into search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others.


Therefore, using a keyword-loaded title to build a new business or link to an up and running site is beneficial. In addition, linking to another website will result in higher search engine ranking, more traffic, and increased popularity.


Get Found!

With over 1 billion websites today, it is essential to be visible on the internet.

Moreover, your competition is out there in force, en masse, in the millions. One example: You want to sell Christmas items? That's an excellent idea. Search the web for Christmas, and Google returns about 1.970.000.000 results (in 0.62 seconds). Even 'Christmas Mansion' returns about 45,100,000 results (in 0.51 seconds).


So either you will spend a fortune to advertise your Christmas items or start with a sensible domain like ChristmasMansion.com. When adding all the right features to your website, coupled with exceptional service, exceptional merchandise, secure payments, and a liberal return policy, would propel you pretty close, if not directly, onto page one of search results.


Domains like PreciseCosmeticSurgery.com, CroatiaTravelCenter.com, or IndianPalaceResorts.com are perfect domains because each title correctly reflects the website's content.


We also offer short domains, such as Quyre.com, XHS1.com, IGWB.de, etc. If interested, please send me an offer or buy outright.


How to buy: There are three ways of acquiring a domain: 

  • Place a bid. 

  • Make an offer. 

  • Buy it now. 


For any questions, please get in touch with a broker or me. There are two easy ways to acquire a domain from us. First, you can bid if a domain you like is in an auction. A Domain not in an auction has a set price and can be bought outright. Alternatively, offers are accepted, too.


The domains are for sale with buy-now prices and make offer prices. You can make an offer, place a bid, or acquire the internet property outright at the listed price. Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have. 

Wir sprechen Deutsch / on parle français.


Prices are subject to change with prior notice. Additionally, domain availability is subject to prior sale.


Please contact me with any questions you may have and leave your comment. 


Thank you.


Remember: The right domain is the key to success.