• Nicco Schaal

Why you need that three-word domain.

Updated: Mar 6

Here's why you need that three-word domain, even when you have a website already.

Example: Your website offers travel packages to different parts of the world. The name of your business is also the name of your website. Now ask yourself this question: Will search engines find what they need to place your site on page one of the search result?

Does your website URL include your location or/and the destinations you're offering? Or do you rely on your name or a non-description, irrelevant website title?

Let me assure you that this is perfectly fine if you are happy with what you have.

However, suppose you wish you could do better, require more traffic to your site, want more sales, double or triple reservations, and bookings. In that case, you should take a good look at available options.

Welcome to link forwarding.

The good thing is that no matter how obscure your current website title is, you can keep it. After all, the reputation has been built under that title. Your regulars know you by that name.

But to outdo your competition and reach a targeted clientele, and get a more significant share of the market, you could channel additional visitors to your site by linking a relevant domain.

  • By owning one or more key-word loaded domains that lead to your current site, you could experience an explosive increase in internet traffic.

A longer domain name is composed of one, two, or even three words that precisely fit your goal(s).

The length does not matter because no one sees the domain when it leads to your site.


(Our domains, offered for sale by Domain-inventory).

  • BermudaCabanas.com

  • ColoradoSpringsEstate.com

  • CroatiaTravelCenter.com

  • FloridaSpaHotels.com

  • GranCanariaBungalows.com

  • HongKongHarbourCruise.com

  • IndianPalaceResorts.com

  • KroatienReisecenter.com

  • LakeBuenaVista360.com

  • LondonEstateHomes.com

  • MallorcaBungalows.com

  • ManhattanCore.com

  • MountEverest360.com

  • NewYorkSpaHotels.com

  • NewYorkFashionShops.com

  • OrlandoUniverse.com

  • SeasideFloridaHomes.com

  • SunnyIslesFloridaHomes.com

  • TexasRollercoaster.com

  • USACanadaTours.com​

  • VaticanCity360.com

  • ViennaCafes.com

  • WDCGuide.com

If you offer destinations listed above, it should be evident that these domains would significantly increase exposure on all levels.

Such 'hack,' if I may call it that, is also applicable to any other category.

To find the domain that's right for you, please peruse the domain inventory on this site.

For information about any domain listed here, please contact the domain broker of your choice or Domain-inventory.com.

Thank you.