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The perfect domain

Domain your business so people can find you.

What do you have to do, so people find you, your business, and your website? The right domain name is an excellent start.

So what's the right domain name?

The perfect domain name contains one or more relevant words (or extension) of your trade, location, service, profession, and Product.

Here are some samples with domains available from Domain-inventory.

The right domain name is the one that contains one of the following.

  1. Your trade - There is nothing you can add to make it any clearer by saying here I am - I am selling herbs shipping all over Europe.

  2. Your location - With an 'in' location, Los Angeles, and a hot product, the domain lock it all in in a single word and appropriate place.

  3. Your Service - here; we have the service and the area in one short domain.

  4. Your Profession - Again, the profession and location indicate that the service is offered statewide.

  5. Your Product - Obviously, this domain for a cruise line 2for1 promotion cannot be any clearer.

  6. Your Name - Whatever she does, sells or offers, everybody knows it's Lena.

Also, applicable are domains that are an appreciation of your business. Allying this method may lead to a short four or five-letter domain.

To achieve the above goal, you may have to use a hyphen. Don's gasp now; it has been done before. Germany, in particular, seems to have a fabless for them.

If you can find a name that's just great and attracts much attention, go ahead and use it, even if none of the above requirements are met. ( is a prime example).

In the meantime, continue to search for the perfect name that makes your website shine - in any language.


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