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The cost of a domain.

Here is some helpful information about the domains for sale at

Once you discover a domain on my site that might interest you, the first thing you want to know is how much does it cost to buy.

There are three ways to get a free quote without any charge to you or having to reveal your identity.

The domains listed on my home page are linked to a host's sale page - so you can click on any name and immediately get price, stats, and host.

Otherwise, copy and paste the domain into your browser.

When you do this, one of two things are going to happen:

  • 1) The domain name will immediately be displayed by the host, i.e., GoDaddy, Uniregistry, or sedo, and the displayed price will a buy-it-now (BIN) price, so you could immediately initiate the purchase.

  • 2) Some domain sales pages might indicate that the domain is for sale, but you either have to call the broker to get a quotation, or request the cost by sending a demand on the provided form.

So by copying and pasting, you immediately get a) the domain host, b) the domain cost, and c) the statistics (if provided).

The next step would be to let the host know that you like to acquire the domain. Again, buying occurs without any additional cost to you. All fees, other than the cost of the domain, are paid for by Domain-inventory.

You are not bound to use any of the hosts listed above; any domain broker, wherever you are, would be happy to assist you in your language.

  • 3) Finally, you can always contact me; I would be happy to provide any information you may require, including the cost of any domain.

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