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How to build a website when you don't have a domain.

The above is our March '23 headline.

It further states:

Then, select the name that's right for you.

Finally, make an offer or buy outright.

It's that easy.

Let me explain.

There are over 400 domains for you to choose from in our inventory, consisting of English, German, and French names you can use for your website. In addition, we offer 30 different domain extensions.

Select the name that's right for you.

For ease of use and better reference, the domain inventory lists all domains for sale alphabetically from A-Z. In addition, there are numbered, so it's easy to come back to them or when you want to show the list to a friend or associate.

It's easy to find the right domain.

You decide on the domain language, extension, and whether it fits your purpose. Your best bet is to select a domain that reflects the content of your website, the nature of your business, merchandise, profession, and service.

  • Once you have decided that the perfect domain is listed in the inventory, you can check its vital signs. That's done when you copy and paste the domain into your browser. Doing so will show you the price, host, and stats. (Not immediately available with all hosts).

To speed up your search, you can also use Google to find exactly what you are looking for.

Make an offer or BIN

Depending on the host, you now have two options. Buy the domain at the shown price listed as BIN, buy it now, or make an offer. We accept submissions way below the BIN price, so doing can save you some serious money. Either way, the conditions remain the same regardless of the chosen method, i.e., escrow is always used, and transfer to you occurs immediately after payment.

Once we agree on a price, the domain is swiftly transferred to your name, and you can start building your website immediately.

As we pointed out above, it is that easy.


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