• Nicco Schaal

Linking and redirecting

Updated: Mar 6

Linking and redirecting domains is such a quick, flawless, and effective hack that it's surprising that not more businesses are using it.

The other day, I was checking a real estate domain similar to one I own. When Googling the domain, a different website opened within a nanosecond, and it was, of course, a real estate site related to the one I was checking.

The business owner had forwarded the keyword domain to their company and now reaps the benefits of additional traffic to his site. The domain I was checking never showed up on the screen.

It is an excellent example of what can and should be done to increase traffic to a website address. Redirecting and linking a domain from one business category to a relevant website is a natural, effortless, and cheap way to increase your ranking with Google and Alexa.

It comes in specifically handy when an established business or company name is already well-grounded, but might not contain any relevant and essential keywords.

The length of the linked domain, its language, extension, whether it contains a hyphen or number is irrelevant. The linked title will not show up but will work quietly and efficiently in the background. You can also connect and merge several domains to a single site.

  • It's an effective way to increase your traffic, get more visitors, and enjoy higher sales—a simple and effective way to move up your site's rankings.

The bottom line: Even if you are not in the market for a domain, don't miss any opportunity to expand your business and website exposure.

Browse our domain inventory for that relevant title. If you like, you can contact me for suggestions, and I am ready to assist you in making the most out of your website address.

For questions, please contact a domain broker of your choice or me. Please browse our inventory and buy confidently; all my domains are ICANN registered.

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