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My website's pages,, are intended for those entrepreneurs who are not professional domain buyers or sellers. (Unless a domain is bought as an investment). For years, the experts have already infiltrated the market with professional advice, but often failed to enlighten the public.

When looking and considering a domain buy, entrepreneurs know how long - in digits - a domain should be or not be. Yet, there seems to be no knowledge of the difference between a TLD, ccTLD, and generic extensions and if it even matters. Never mind understanding the workings of domain auctions, renewal, hosting, registrars, and transfers, amongst other things.

Typically, it is painfully evident when negotiating with interested domain buyers that the busy CEO or entrepreneur does not have the slightest idea of how to purchase a domain.

The adventure's start-up team, the enthusiastic hobbyist, the small business person, and even the company owner will most likely only buy a domain once in their lifetime, so of course, the requirements of purchase might look incomprehensible. Luckily, we have many global hosts and experienced domain sellers who can assist novice, first-time, and repeat domain buyers.

However, some of the most substantial domain sales are private, where the buyer needs to know the basics of negotiation, bidding, and domain transactions. Therefore, the intention of my site should clarify some issues.

  • There is very little to discover at domain-inventory (other than great domain names). Still, there is much valuable information for the first-time buyer that takes the mystery out of a domain purchase.

Visit Domain-inventory today.

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