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May 2, 2019

Here are my comments on the latest report by DNJournal, listing the highest reported domain sales from Mon. April 22, - Sun. April 28, 2019. 


First of all notice the remarkable fact that there are quite a few two-words domains in the top ten, namely,,, and each sold for $10,000 or more.


  • Hyphens are in style too! Further down the list we find,,,,, all hyphenated domain names! Lesson learned: Don't be afraid to go with a hyphenated website address.


Now, back to the top-ten of confirmed sales, number 5 slot is taken by a numbered domain, Sold for £28,500 = $37,335! So, who said don't touch name+numbered domains?


As some domain brokers resist domains for their auction when the suffix does not match the language of the title, we like to point out above $3,000 sales of website addresses in one language and the extension in another.,,,,, are perfect examples.


The times have changed - specific domain gospel preached from earlier times, is outdated today, and no longer valid. From the looks of recent sales, buyers do not listen to it nor do they want to know about past rules.


Last but not least, sold for €59,500 = $66,640, placed third place in the top ten and resolves to another site! Take a look at it: Another  travel website opens when entering the name The website that comes up, also a German title, and to no one's surprise is selling Sea Travel. (


  • Take this a perfect example of what smart companies do, namely forwarding or linking to an up and running site, thus staying ahead of the competition.


As the supply of available website addresses dwindles from year to year, the current sales show that the market has learned and adjusted to ever-tightening condition and domain sellers who have the patience and financial strength to stay with their properties can prevail.


DNJournal Domain Sales

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