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It is mind-boggling when you think about how many innovative and enterprising companies are about to go into space. Not only to release satellites into orbit but also to take you on a sight-seeing trip way above our planet earth. While for now, it might just be a privilege reserved to the wealthy, I think that in the not too distant future, those who currently can afford first-class plane tickets might be able to buy a trip into orbit today.


To sort out all the different offers, to find out what's going on, to see launch schedules and more, a domain like is a perfect site to keep track of upcoming departures, mission purpose, payloads and to check on a reservation and available seating. was created 2018-12-14, the registrar is (a German) INWX GmbH & Co. KG. and it is hosted by As it has the right keyword and fitting suffix (.site) its value should not be underestimated.


  • For entrepreneurs, it is noteworthy that the domain is undeveloped and it can be used as a clean sheet for a starter website.

  • We recommend current company involved in spaceflight to acquire the domain and use it as the best possible site title.  

  • Forwarding the domain to an up-and-running internet address would significantly increase traffic and ranking.

  • As an investment with a positive, glorious outlook this domain would be a wise choice as well.

  • When searching for ' spaceflights,' Google returns About 6.570.000 results!


For more information, please contact your domain broker or

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