Los Angeles, California, USA

February 25, 2019


Offered here are four .la website addresses explicitly tailored to Los Angeles.


Los Angeles is an immensely attractive city for thriving and prosperous businesses and enterprises.


It's one of the most famous, if not the most famous city in the United States. With almost four million habitats and 50 Million visitors, achieved for the first time in 2018, Los Angeles is a great place to do local and global business. 



From the world-famous OSCAR's to movie studios to the walk of fame, GLAMOUR is everywhere in the city of light. For your endeavor, whatever IT might be, a website address like Glamorous.la is bound to attract internet traffic like no other. 



Equally mind-boggling is another single word domain, easy to remember and a smash hit for a website dying for attention. Nothing would be more hip than naming IT Darling.la!



Tickets for best shows, events, and entertainment venues are in demand throughout the year. There are hundreds of places where things happen day and night. Being in a position to be number one when it comes to offering tickets to TV shows, studio recordings, and live action - a website address like Stagepass.la is just unbeatable.



If a shoe explodes under the foot of a rising NBA star, people might reconsider their favorite brand and hit for the next shoe store to check out the latest sales. Anticipate heavy online traffic when the website address is called Footwear.la.


Each of the above domain names is perfect for a matching Los Angeles internet property. Their low four-digit sale figure makes them attractive and ready to sell. All domains are registered since 2013 with GoDaddy.com and hosted with sedo.com. They have never been developed.


While prices are subject to change the domains as listed above are currently for sale at 7500 USD each.


Please contact your favorite domain broker or me for more information.

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