June 23, 2018

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Google Search Results (June 2018)
Colorado: About
Colorado Springs: About 113.000.000 results
Colorado Springs Estate: About 19.700.000 results


Colorado, the Centennial State, should have been called the Rocky Mountain State, the River State or the Canyon State. 
It's all of that and so much more. 


Ranging in the top 10 by size it proudly stands at number 8 with over 100,000 square miles, enough space for diverse geography ranging from the summit of Mount Elbert at 14,400 feet to its lowest point of 3,317 feet. 


'Rocky Mountain High' so fittingly is the official State song and it made John Denver, who wrote the song together with Mike Taylor, immortal for generations to come. 

  • The choice for real estate properties in Colorado Springs is impressive with (April 2015) listings showing over 100 properties available for sale above the $1,000,000 mark. 

You can choose from a 19 acres custom home in Northeast Colorado Springs, with six bedrooms and nine bathrooms asking $7.200,000; to an estate in the Broadmoor Community on a quaint 2 acres, but with pool and a fountain for just $5,700,000.

The somewhat lower price compared to the one above might be that this Renaissance estate only has six bathrooms instead of 9. 


Should you be inclined to decline to have to take care of so much land and maintenance, there are many tasteful and elegant brownstones available, too. Take Carriage Manor Point - just across from the Broadmoor Hotel - a 5-star Colorado Springs resort - this two bedroom, four bath residence is currently on the market for $2,175,000.

  • To get the most for your money choose a Licensed Professional Colorado Springs Real Estate agent. The choice is yours, and almost 3,000 agents are working in the area. A full-time realtor with many years of experience will undoubtedly be a wise choice to find the best home for your needs.

Interstate 25 takes you right into the heart of Colorado Springs, with Denver only 65 miles to the north, Aspen 110 miles towards the NW and Boulder 85 miles also to the north. 


While there is no plausible reason to leave Colorado and Colorado Springs in particular, here are some places that you could visit (if you must) to gamble, hear the blues on Bourbon Street, take the kids to Disneyworld or go shopping on Fifth Avenue. 


The distance from Colorado Springs to Las Vegas is 598 miles, to New Orleans 1039 miles, Orlando 1521 miles and to New York 1637 miles. 


Before you rush off to get seats on a plane, let me remind you that those and many other places on the planet will not give you this 'Rocky Mountain High' feeling you get right here in Colorado Springs. No matter what the season. 


For properties for sale for the Colorado Springs area, please consult the current MLS, (multiple listing services).


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