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June 20, 2018

It looks like the UK is holding steady and will go it alone. No more attachment nor payments to the EU. How convenient then, those .co.uk domains are coming back in style. You want to be patriotic when it comes to showing your colors. 


To show our support, we offer three perfect country code domain names for the United Kingdom.


1) LondonEstateHomes.co.uk Perfect for any real estate agency selling Estate Homes in London. Please note that this domain also is available as a .com version. LondonEstateHomes.com.


2) eCash24.co.uk Now, with the UK leaving the EU we are pretty confident that the British Pound is here to stay. And to make it available 24 hours a day, a domain like this one would be a perfect fit for a British money website and a perfect place to withdraw UK currency. This domain also is available as a .eu version.


3) wiz360.co.uk This domain could cover anything else. 'Wiz' and '360' is such a perfect combination that we offer it in several versions. Again as a wiz360.com (for the US branch)  and wiz360.net ( to keep imposters away).


So if you've been looking for a great, perfect keyword domain to crown your website or link to it, here you go. 


We keep these three gems available until sold.


Created October, 13, 2012 Registered at GoDaddy.com


Date Created
: October 13th, 2012 Registrar OMNIS.com


Date Create: January 01, 2011 Registered at BookMyName.com


Date Create: January 01, 2011 Registered at BookMyName.com


Date Created: June 13, 2015 Registered at GoDaddy.com


Created October: 13, 2012 Registered at GoDaddy.com


Date Created: October 12th, 2008 Registrar Omnis.com


To acquire one or more of these perfect domains, please make an offer, place a bid or buy outright. For assistance please contact us.



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