Two-word Domains

June 3, 2018

When checking domain prices as published by DNJournal and others, there is often a pattern that repeats itself. 


Way on top we have one or more sales of .com domains above $100,000 followed by many secondary transactions below $100,000. 


What caught my attention in this week's listings is the domain price bracket for two-word domains. 


The highest price paid as reported is, in fact, a two-word domain, - sold for USD 269,980.


What's impressive are many other two word domains having changed hands for above USD 10,000. - $55,000 - $30,000 - $25,000 - $20,647 (a three-word domain) - $15,000 -$15,000 (a three-word domain)


Many additional two-word domains were sold for USD 10,000 or above among them such names as,, and


I couldn't find any hyphenated names this time but a few with numbers being part of the URL. - $27,002 - $24,000 - $14,750 - $14,750 - $12,500 - $10,000


Surprisingly at the bottom of the Non .com gTLDs Top 20 Sales Chart, there is a .tel, namely sold for $5,500. 


Price variation for similar domains is exemplified in two names sold, - $37,700 and $14,985. 


Reported and confirmed domain sales are a momentary indication of market condition and value and make it easier to judge whether a requested price might be too high or an offer to low.


The above might make it easier to put a price ticket on a domain and serves as a realisation of where the domain market is standing today.



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