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January 17, 2018

(German Text below).


The domains on this page (below) are made forGerman websites, selling vacation to the USA and Canada. 


You plan on having a German business selling 'Amerika' vacations? Great! Here's what your German customers will google when they want to book a vacation in North America.

'USA / Urlaub / Reisen.' These keywords or other relevant keywords trigger a response by search engines. A big one you may say, and here's the good news. Searching for the keywords listed below, you can see what the results are:


USA: About 4.560.000.000 results
Amerika: About 246.000.000 results
Kanada: About 116.000.000 results
Amerika Reisen: About 7.260.000 results
USA Ferienhaus: About 2.620.000 results 


Now for the bad news.
Each search engine return is potentially one of your competitors.


Let me rephrase it. Behind every URL that Google so efficiently brings up could be a business that wants the customers you want.


Take the country code domain USA '' and look who's on top of search results; all the big guys. It's scary, isn't it? At least it should be for someone like you, who likes to beat the odds and despite all that competition wants a piece of the travel pie.


The way to get a good market share is to choose a domain that says what you are selling. One business name that is a remarkable, easy to remember keyword domain with the right extension (.de in this case, you are selling to the German market).


Combining that keyword domain with your website's original content (Amerika, in this case) and you have an excellent chance to establish yourself as a successful seller of tours and travel to North-America.


Should you decide to play around and think this is a game and come up with some fictitious funny name, then be prepared to design a home page that describes on end, what you do, and defining your business. With the right, keyword domain, you don't have to do that. Your URL is your calling card, which you can be proud of. 


Getting the right domain name from the start will always pay for itself. So now, go ahead, knock 'em dead with the best content you can come up with.

The right domain is yours for the taking.

The domain names:,,, and are for sale for a short time only as special offers.


Domain names with the right keywords, such as Travel, America, and Vacation, can help a Google search direct results to your own site. These domain names will help your company do just that.


There are three easy ways to acquire these domain names:


1) Place a EUR 100 bid at The domain will be sold to the highest bidder after a seven-day auction.


2) Make an offer. Each offer can be accepted, answered or rejected with a counter offer.


3) Buy now. Buy a domain for the requested buy-now price and you own the domain after the confirmed payment.


For a complete list of all my domain names, see my Inventory. If you are interested in this offer, I would be glad if you get in contact with sedo or


German Version


Die Domainnamen:

stehen zum Verkauf. 

Domainnamen mit den richtigen Schlagwörtern (Keywords), wie Reisen, Amerika und Urlaub, können dazu beitragen, dass eine Google Suche die Ergebnisse auf die eigene Seite leitet.

Diese Domainnamen hilft Ihrem Unternehmen genau das zu tun.

Es gibt drei einfache Möglichkeiten, diese Domainnamen zu erwerben:

1) Platzieren Sie ein EUR 100 Gebot bei Die Domain wird nach einer siebentägigen Auktion an den Höchstbietenden verkauft.

2) Machen Sie ein Angebot. Jedes Angebot kann angenommen, mit einem Gegenangebot beantwortet oder abgelehnt werden.

3) Sofort kaufen. Kaufen Sie eine Domain für den Buy-Now-Preis und Sie besitzen die Domain nach der bestätigten Zahlung.

Eine vollständige Liste aller meiner Domainnamen finden Sie unter Inventory.

S​ollte Sie mein Angebot interessieren, würde ich mich über eine Kontaktaufnahme freuen.​



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