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During the Civil War, the term "Yankee" was commonly used to refer to people from the northern states, particularly those from New England or of New England descent. The term's origin is debated, but it is likely derived from the Dutch name "Janke" or "Jan Kees," a common name among Dutch settlers in New York. Over time, "Yankee" became associated with people from the northern states.

As for the connection between the term "Yankee" and the New York Yankees baseball team, it's important to note that the team's name predates the Civil War. The team was established in 1901 as the Baltimore Orioles and moved to New York City in 1903, where they became known as the New York Highlanders. Then, in 1913, they officially changed their name to the New York Yankees.

The decision to name the Yankees team was unrelated to the term's association with the northern states during the Civil War. Instead, it was a way to distinguish the team from the New York Giants, their cross-town rivals at the time. In addition, the name change coincided with the team moving into the newly constructed Polo Grounds, where they played alongside the Giants.

While the New York Yankees' name doesn't have a direct connection to the term "Yankee" as it pertains to the Civil War, the team's association with New York City and its rich baseball history has led to a strong connection between the Yankees and the city's identity. As a result, the team has become synonymous with the name "Yankees" and has a passionate fan base that proudly embraces the team's history and success.

So, in summary, the term "Yankee" was used to refer to people from the northern states during the Civil War. Still, the New York Yankees' name predated the war and was chosen independently of that association.

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