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What a change!

Wow, what a change. Yes, surely does not look like the way it looked before. Here’s why I did it.

What you see on this page is the beloved logo I had created for my site. My site itself reflected that commitment to diversity of color as well.

As it became clear that too many colors could turn some visitors away, I decided to make a change. The result is the new logo and color scheme.

The content, however, has not changed. I still offer a significant portfolio of pre-set domain names. So, please go ahead, and browse my site for the right domain for your endeavor.

If you like to see the old site, ablaze in glorious colors, you can download the PDF-Document below. Attn. (Big file).

Here's the old logo, the new one can be seen on top.

For the redesigned site, please visit _ Domains _ Germany1
Download PDF • 67.04MB

If you care to see the old Domain-inventory website, it is available (above) as a PDF-Document. Otherwise, the logo above pretty much said it all.

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