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Three Word - Hyphen - and Numbers

This week's domain sales, as reported by for the week ending April 11, 2021, recent domain sales are an eye-opener due to some lengthy domains sold.

You might have noticed, as well, That this domain is so long that DNJournal had to adjust its column's width to fit it in.

  • We are talking about internationaljournalofspecialeducation .com

It was sold by sedo for $4,999.

To break it down, you are looking at a URL of 5 words and 42 characters., with three words and 23 characters, takes second place. Braden Pollock sold this one for $15,000.

Let's point to another one of my favorites that always gets knocked to be avoided.

Hyphenated domain name marketing-alternatif .com, sold by sedo for sold $4,200 and

Pb-consult .com brought in $3,530. Hyphenated domains always have their righteous place to top websites as each sale of candy-shop .com, visa-dubai .com, and others have shown, each selling for several thousand dollars.

  • Back to three word domains, we have nevershaveagain .com ($4,000), multiculturalmarketing .com ($2,888), thebeesknees .com ($2,373), futureofwellness .com ($2,288) and smithfieldcareers .com (2065).

Also notable is the sale of domains containing letters and numbers, usually shunned by auction houses and advisors. We have Payments24 .com, def24 .com, ec360 .com, gw99 .com, m01 .com all sold the past two weeks.

It just goes to show: No matter what the length of a domain might be, whether it contains more than one word, hyphens, or numbers, anything goes as long as it fits the content of the intended website., besides offering the type mentioned above of domains, also has a large selection of top-level, country-code, and generic domains in English, German and French, which I am eager to sell.

Please browse our inventory to find the domain that's right for you.

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