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A domainer's tale

The domain was available and in plain sight.

It looked attractive and had dominant might.

No hyphens, numbers, or foreign letters; for a domain, it couldn't look any better.

The name was short and trustworthy too,

so I listed it as unused and new.

Now I'm the owner of a domain

it's a dot-com, so it was not in vain.

Few letters only - a perfect category.

It's worth a lot; just wait and see.

It's a domain everyone wants

for their business or global exports.

It'll sit on top of a great website,

attracting surfers like moths to the light.

Ten years later, the domain name is still mine,

top-level, trustworthy, and all-around fine.

The asking price, they say, is way too high,

sit on it, they say, until you die.

Since no one sees the value I see,

the only one who will ever own this domain is me.

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