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New Extensions

We extended our inventory.

To facilitate the creation of great websites, we have added domains with relatively new extensions to our list of domains for sale. This move made it possible to offer many short and one-word domains in categories that perfectly fit your needs and business.

Our 30 different categories of domain extensions now include dot-shop, dot-auction, dot-bond, and dot-xyz.

With the release of ChatGPT, we also have focused on domains that include names that incorporate website titles, taking artificial intelligence - A.I. - into account.

We extended this offer to include versions with words that touch on Künstliche Intelligenz -K.I. - and L'intelligence Artificielle - I.A., the German ( and French ( language translation for A.I.

Please visit today and get the domain you need.

While you're here, look at the questions we have asked ChatGPT, posted in the blog - in English, French, and German. The differences in ChatGPT responses might surprise you.

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