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Linking and Forwarding

A visit to our inventory could be the last time you searched for the perfect website title because we offer ideal domain names for professionals and start-ups. So how can you and your business profit from acquiring yet another domain name since you currently got one up-and-running? First, let me assure you that you will keep the one you already have. The keyword is - linking!

Linking and forwarding to be more precise.

In brief, take a domain and forward all search results to your site.

It can increase Google and other search engines traffic, placing your website on page one of search results.

How it works is surprisingly simple.

In the first example, we assume you operate one or more travel agencies selling Croatia. Then, if you own domain names like,,,,,, you could harvest all internet search results with those keywords.

Here's the beauty of it. All those domains can be linked and forwarded to your website, which you already have in use for a more extended period. Alternatively, each of those domains also allows you to create a brand-new website.

In the second example, we cover plastic surgery. Let's assume your office website title is Dr. No. The specialty of Dr. No is cosmetic surgery. By owing and linking it to their site. When people search for cosmetic surgery, this domain will catch most inquiries because of the relevant keywords. Through linking the domain to the site of Dr. No, traffic to your site can increase many times.

At this point, it's clear what linking and forwarding can do to improve the bottom line. But, just for the record, I like to add a few more examples:

The list can go on ad infinitum. Don't miss out on finding THE domain that can give you extended possibilities without changing your present website or business name. All you need to do is acquire the domain(s) that's relevant for you, your company and your endeavors.

Please browse our inventory now and buy the domain that fits you best.

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