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How to buy.

We offer over 400 domain names in various business categories that can be transferred immediately.

English, German and French domains are available with top-level, country-code, and generic extensions. Clicking on a domain or copying and pasting it gives you the price, stats, and more. Choose the instant buy-now option or submit your best offer.

Most of our Domains for the German Market are listed with sedo. That includes Domains with a .de suffix and many other extensions.

In addition, we have most English language domains hosted with GoDaddy and Uniregistry. Clicking on a domain in our inventory or copying and pasting a name into your browser will - on most domains - give you the price and the option to make an offer. A second option is to require the requested cost from the host. Many domains - in particular with Uniregistry - are listed with a buy-now price.

Using their service and advice is free of charge for you.

Do not hesitate to contact any domain broker or if you need additional assistance or have a question.

Thank you.

Please use our search engine to find the domain you need.

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