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Forward a domain

To create a website, you need to own a domain name. But more often than not, a domain is used to link or forward to another site. Here are six examples of how to forward a domain - by companies that have done just that.

Sample 1) To own the perfect keyword domain relevant to their business did not come cheap for this company. According to, the domain was sold by Buckley Media on 2021-06-24 for 1,008,900 USD. Today (2022), when you enter the domain ( into a browser, it resolves to Bosch eBike Systems at Clearly, one domain leads to another—forwarding at its best.

Sample 2) This bank wanted to catch all Internet surfers seeking 'loans.' So they bought the perfect domain. sold for 3,000,000 USD on 2000-01-01 and is now forwarded to Bank of America at in a private transaction.

Sample 3) A German consulting firm paid a lot of money to have this domain. sold on 2021-07-01 by sedo for 141,095 USD and forwards to a company called handz.on at (Consulting IT-Risikomanagement).

Sample 4) A forwards to a dot-com. was bought through sedo on 2009-10-21 for 249,000 USD. It is forwarded to a company by the same name but with a dot-com extension,

Sample 5) Interestingly enough, a Belgian domain forwards to an Italian website. links to campeggiolao. It has seven different language websites.

Sample 6) Another change, not only from one extension (.es) to another (.com) but also from one language (Spanish) to another (English). forwards to a site about hotel deals with the web address:

There's a reason a company shell out much money to own a particular domain. The investment pays off in increasing up to market dominance, even in a niche category. With millions of websites jostling for Google's first-page search results, the right keyword domain can make a big difference. So please peruse our inventory to see if the perfect domains are available for your endeavors.

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