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BIN or Make An Offer

Once upon a time, when people decided that they needed to make a purchase, they would go to the nearest mall or shopping center and start looking for an item that suited their expectations.

Today, the descriptive keyword for any product or service is entered into a browser on a computer or smartphone. As a result, Google or any search engine will return thousands of results from individual websites.

If your business is on the internet, your site is the only site that matters to you. However, should your site not appear on page one of search results, there is room for improvement. One way to be on page one and top of it is to advertise. In many cases, the first returned search results with any search engine are promoted pages. Over time, this will cost any business more than they want to spend, eating away at an already thin profit margin.

One way to avoid those ongoing expenses is to connect a content-related domain to your current, up-and-running website.

  • All it takes is to forward or link a second domain to your current site. The effect means more traffic is channeled to your existing site.

By simply forwarding one or more websites to your own, you will increase the traffic and ranking of your site by many times.

>> See also previous blog entries on linking and forwarding.

Domain inventory (this website) offers hundreds of domains in many categories and different extensions that would precisely fit your business.

A brand-new, never-been-used, vintage domain that precisely reflects the nature of your business can also be used to have a second or third site featuring your (new) products or services.

Some of our available domains point towards a location by keyword or domain extensions.

Keywords also play a significant role when a customer types the word in the browser to find a product they are looking for.

We encourage you to browse our inventory to find the domain that precisely fits your endeavor.

There are two options available to have a domain transferred to you. First, a BIN price, also known as a buy-it-now price, lets you acquire a domain immediately. The second option is to make an offer.

If the offered proposal is accepted, the domain is transferred to your name right after payment. Safe payments are assured through escrow and professional broker services.

Domain inventory has domains listed with several domain brokers and hosts that are accessible without charges. They are the professionals at GoDaddy, sedo, afternic, and Uniregistry. They stand by to assist you and give you free advice throughout the acquisition process.

I urge you to consult our site and search for the perfect domain. Then, peruse our listings of categories or the search app supported by Google to find the domain that is right for your endeavors.

In addition, you can search for the perfect name by searching by language, German, French, Spanish, and of course, mostly English. Do you only want domains with a dot-com extension? There is a page for those too.

Domains on our home page are listed as links.

One-click on any name shows the price, statistics, and/or host.

For any questions, use our chat button and email me. Free assistance is available with any domain broker of your choice.


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