• Nicco Schaal

It's Free

Updated: Mar 6


The domain business might look complicated and confusing for a layperson, but it is pretty beneficial to own a domain.

After your purchase, your domain name is safely 'stored' and registered with your name and credentials without any charge.

The registrar (GoDaddy, etc.) enters ownership of your domain at ICANN, and there is no charge for that.

Renewal reminders of up to 60 days before your domain expires are sent to you also free of charge.

Hosting is free. You can even make money by parking as many domains as you own for free and getting paid commission.

Got a question? Contact your host. Advice and information are free.

You'll be notified immediately when an offer is received, at no charge to you.

Once a domain is sold, you can arrange to have the buyer pay for the transfer while you pay nothing.

Listing your website address on the internet with Google, Bing, and others is free, too.

As is evident, the many reasons to show presence on the internet are very compelling indeed.

To be part of today's free World Wide Web, search our inventory and buy the right domain for you.

If you already have a website address and like to increase traffic and ranking, consider buying a second domain to link to your up-and-running business.

Did I mention that linking or forwarding does not cost you anything?

Please note domains are not free. However, take advantage of significantly reduced prices at Domain-inventory.com.