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The proliferation of large online retailers has caused a loss of many of a company's identities. Deliveries packages do not carry your company label anymore. Instead, the name on the parcels is Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and others. Thus, the individuality of a company is gone. Any independent retail, trade, or product of thriving enterprises is reduced to small fish in a vast pond.

It doesn't have to be this way.

A significant drawback of selling en masse is that your article is featured next to many similar products from your competitors, diverting customers away from your items and maybe even forcing you to offer lower prices, as common sense had suggested. Your profit is further reduced by a sales commission paid to the listing company.

The article comparison might be fantastic for the shopper, but will not help to boost your sales. Selling only through such outlets, as mentioned above, will not get your site on page one, of any internet search results, because of your non-existing website address.

In today's online market, with easy access to electronic, logistics, and communication support and talented, motivated teams, any start-up should have no problem building up their own identity and fitting it with the correct website address.

So why kill your great idea, continuous efforts, original identity, well-designed website, and exciting content by supporting someone else's success. By acquiring the correct website address, designing a suitable logo, and featuring your perfect internet site, you will be able to keep your identity proudly.


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