• Nicco Schaal

Mobile-First and DSGVO

Updated: Jul 29


f you haven't got sick when seeing anything related to DSGVO in your mailbox, you probably stuck your head in the sand to escape the madness. I can understand that.

But if you haven't paid attention to Google's mobile-first, then its high time to come back to earth and pay attention.

Both events, mobile-first and DSGVO, have made me change my website dramatically. At first, I had pictures, slides, and lots of colors, and it now is, except for the logo in black and white—no call to action, no comments request or invitation to subscribe to a mailing list.

The reason is DSGVO. The laws in Germany are written so that you can quickly get a costly warning from any lawyer when something on the site does not conform to established rules.

Stating, for example, 30 days return policy instead of one month might be against the law and get penalized. Or selling to much of anything online as a private person can result in a reprimand from anyone who feels you take revenue away from their business. The painful result is always a severe penalty payable to some lawyers. This procedure was established years ago to avoid too many lawsuits!

Since the new DSVGO regulation spells out the new privacy regulation over 48 pages, I did not want to risk not complying, even with a single of their internet privacy regulation paragraphs.

That means no more collecting of emails (which I have never done), no comment section anymore.

If you want to buy a domain from Domain-inventory, you can do so now only directly through your domain broker.

Now that we are practically cut off from communicating as we used to comes mobile-first. Yes, Google is vast, complex, the top search engine, and tremendously useful.

It comes as no surprise that mobile devices are first when it comes to using the internet. The trend emerged years ago, and Google takes action. Your website on your good old desktop computer display is no longer relevant to rank your site. What counts now is what a website looks like on a smartphone. Yes, that little device every teenager holds in front of their face while walking this - is the future of the internet.

So, to make my site fast and faster yet, I removed all domain logos, removed all advertising banners, and nixed the cute little social media icons I had just added.

Since my website was still too slow and too cumbersome, I deleted old and irrelevant blog entries, trashed entire site pages, and cut unnecessary text from the remaining sheets.

Furthermore, I did away with all those color boxes, which gave the text a beautiful background and an excellent structure.

All along, I tested my mobile speed and came up with different results. Google check my site, and either gave me a 'good' or bad and ranked the site 'poor.'

While Google still tells me that background and foreground colors do not have a sufficient contrast ratio, it leads me now to have an entirely different site in only black and white.

Amazingly, while tweeting my site to be mobile-first compliant, I achieved a 100 percent SEO score—a first for me.

For the techies out there, the site (Domain-inventory.com) is hosted by WIX. So a lot that could be done cannot be done because WIX does not allow access to HTML.

For those who have been with me all along, don't be surprised that whistles and bells are gone. The domains are still there, and I invite you to look at my site, don't do it while walking or driving.

There is no app for that.

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