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Break the rules

This article refers to 2018 domain sales, but the content still holds today.

Don't be afraid to break the rules. Some bloggers tell you to be successful with your website, not buy a not-perfect domain, go by the laws, and get the exact domain name right from the start.

Some of it might be true, but as you are about to find out the perfect

domain, as you want, it is not available. As you are being told not to buy a long domain, you scramble for that five-letter word and scramble and scramble and scramble, knowing very well that chances of getting it are very slim. But if you tweak it just a bit bend the rules slightly, a longer domain name could be the perfect solution, as some samples show below. Read on.

Whoever bought might have been on that same path. This 13 letter, three-word domain exchanged hands for a cool $30,000 (, The Highest Reported Domain Sales - Mon. April 23, 2018 - Sun. April 29, 2018). The website is up and running, linking to This domain was first registered back in 2003 when shorter domains were still aplenty.

Sedo (, who brokered the above sale, also sold at $15,000 apiece the same week. Four words, too many letters to count. So much for short and easy-to-remember domain names. ( $30,000, Uniregistry, 4/25/18) shows that you can attack the competition (monster .com, stepstone .com, and others) and break into a relatively closed market longer keyword loaded domain name perfect if the title mirrors the website's content. (This site is not up yet).

And while we are at $30,000 domain sales, let's mention Block-Chain .com. The Hyphen did not stop the buyer from shelling out as much as is usually paid for shorter domains without a hyphen. So hyphens can work if it fits the purpose. (Block-chain .com is the guide to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency).

When a short domain is still a must for the budding entrepreneur or start-up, there are always other extensions, like Hyphen .co. Yes, it's a dot-com. And this domain also sold for $30,000.

By being flexible, innovative, and bold, you can have a domain name that perfectly fits your goals and the best website address. And that's true too if the URL is used to link and forward to an up-and-running online business.

For the website address that might just fit your idea of a perfect domain name, please visit our inventory.

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