• Nicco Schaal

Good things come in pairs

Updated: Mar 4

Two or even more of my domains offered for sale have with different extensions.

That represents built-in insurance. Insurance for protecting their very own name and the keywords and trade they represent.

The insurance is assured with one domain name having two or more domain extensions.

Owning both URL extensions protects the owner from 'impersonators' willing to acquire your correct domain name and try to resell it to you or, worst, even open another website with a different suffix, which could hurt your business and cause havoc with your company.

The domains and their suffix are top-level, and thus by owning both or more names with different extensions, you protect your interest.

  • An additional safety net is to purchase both versions, singular and plural, of any name, i.e., golfballset.com and golfballsets.com. Different suffixes are available for a global site and the country site, such as in wiz360.com and wiz360.co.uk.

Owning a domain name in two or even more top-level extensions might be a perfect idea and let you sleep better at night.

Some domains listed here have up to four extensions to their name.

So you could own same-sexbenefits with a .com .net .info. and.org suffix.

  • Here is the list of domains with different domain extension, (also known as suffix). All domains below are for sale as of this writing.

adyli.com adyli.net

batteriezellen.com batteriezellen.net

circle360.de circle360.eu

coloradospringsestate.com coloradospringsestate.net

conciergedesk.de conciergedesk.eu

croatiatravelcenter.com croatiatravelcenter.net

destinationdeutschland.com destinationdeutschland.de

drone360.biz drone360.co

ecash24.co.uk ecash24.eu

eurolandapotheke.com eurolandapotheke.net

eurolandpharmacy.com eurolandpharmanet.net

floridarollercoaster.com floridarollercoaster.info

floridaspahotel.com floridaspahotels.com

golfballset.com golfballsets.com

guncollector.club guncollectors.club

handykartenleser.com handykartenleser.de

hongkongharbourcruise.com hongkongharbourcruise.info

hongkongharbourcruises.com hongkongharbourcruises.info

i1000.de i1000.eu

igwb.de igwb.net

kroatienreisecenter.com kroatienreisecenter.de

londonestatehomes.co.uk londonestatehomes.com

mobilebezahlsysteme.com mobilebezahlsysteme.de

nofeebankcard.com nofeebankcard.net

nofeedebitcard.com nofeedebitcard.net

same-sexbenefits.com same-sexbenefits.info

softpounce.com softpounce.net

spacetourisme.com spacetourisme.net

usaferienhaus.de usaferienhaus.net

wein360.com wein360.de

wiz360.com wiz360.co.uk

wlatv.com wlatv.net

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A related blog entry about two-word domains was published in 2017 in niccosblog.com.

Domains are subject to prior sale.

  • Prices are subject to change.