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Keyword Rich Domains

A domain name is a piece of internet real estate. The actual description of a physical location in the domain name could decide whether it makes it to the top of search engines. So the domain's character has the same importance.

Example: President Thomas J. Watson of Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company knew what he was doing when in 1924 he renamed his company business location - International - and what they were doing - Business Machine, IBM. The name was registered as a domain in 1986 as International Business Machines Corporation.

Another, New York Gas Light did not leave anyone guessing what they were doing and where. Founded in 1824, it to renamed in 1936 to the Consolidated Edison Company of New York.

One of the oldest American Companies founded in 1765, now owned by the Kraft Heinz Company, Baker's chocolate still sells chocolate.

Search the internet, and find many more examples of companies that named their business according to their trade, profession, and location.

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Keyword-rich domains and authentic website content are a formula for success.

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