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Short dot-coms

Fifteen concise dot-com domains are for sale.

For prices and stats, please click/touch any domain name below.

Creation dates are below.

All domains are for sale. Buy from our hosts, or

You can also buy directly from the owner (me) at Domain-inventory with a 15% discount.

There are three ways of acquiring a domain:

1) Place a bid. The domain sells to the highest bidder.​

​2) Make an offer. Any offer might be accepted, met with a counteroffer, or rejected.​

3) Buy it now. Buy the domain for the asking price.

Please get in touch with me or contact a broker for any questions.

Creation Date: 2009-08-12

Creation Date: 24-Sep-2008

Creation Date: 21-Aug-2008

Creation Date: 09-Sep-2008

Creation Date: 24-Jul-2008

Creation Date: 30-Jul-2008

Creation Date: 24-Sep-2009

Creation Date: 25-Jul-2008

Creation Date: 31-JUL-200

Creation Date: 30-Sep-2008

Creation Date: 09-Sep-2008

Creation Date: 19-Jun-2009

Creation Date: 03-Aug-2008

Creation Date: 03-Aug-2008

Creation Date: 03-Oct-2008

There are unlimited possibilities to do amazing things and create unique websites with such extreme short domains and a top-level dot-com suffix.

It only takes a glance to realize that all the top-level domains above are among the very high-level domains. They are quality and unique domains, perfect for creating a new website or as a significant investment.

The domains are short and clear, easy to remember, and perfect for Google's first-page search results. Short domains, such as the ones listed here, are exceedingly rare. Any investment in such quality, top-level internet real estate is money well invested.

No need for these domains now? Buy them as an investment and resell them later. These domains are as unique as can be, and all are dot-com top-level domains. Dot-com has been making a comeback for a long time now, big time. So don't miss out.

The above are domains only, without content. They have never been used as a website, so no traffic or income information is available.

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