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With rockets and drones flying everywhere, the word 'space' is appearing more and more and is becoming more ingrained in today's global internet. Elon Musk’s with his SpaceX scared the hell out people over Huntington Beach, California, December 12 of this year. Jeff Bezos of Amazon promises drone package delivered right to your home. Moreover, NASA studies the human body in space for one year to extrapolate for missions to Mars. Also, Santa tracker has is now updated and modernized.

Under the above naturally prevalent circumstances, it just seems to be right to give interested parties the opportunity to acquire a dot-space domain.

Space domain names relevant to the above subjects are available at Domain-inventory. For the announcement of a job opening, office space, car parking, and tourism a domain name with a 'space' extension could not come at a better time.

Prime, Live, VR player, 360 space and might be the right domain for an online business link or a start-up website.

Google returns about 6.850.000.000 results when searching for 'space.'

Click or touch or copy and paste on a domain to see stats and price, or click on a logo.

Vacancies.space 360live.space 360prime.space drone360.space

e-car.space vrplayer.space




There are three easy ways of acquiring a domain:

Place a bid. The domain sells to the highest bidder after a seven-day auction.

Make an offer. An offer might be accepted or met with a counteroffer.

Buy-outright. Pay the asking price, and you own it after confirmed payment.

Please contact a domain broker or Domain-inventor.com for more information.

Please contact a domain broker or Domain-inventor.com for more information.

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