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Updated: Mar 6


This week's (2017-12-10) sales as reported by DNJournal shows another one of those numeric domain going for much money. (380.com sold for $328,000). I am certainly not alone in wondering what could be the purpose of acquiring a numeric domain, but as I understand it, to the Chinese, they have much value. Without carrying that though any further, let's move on.

As we have seen for some time now, the trend for numeric domains is going in only one direction, and that is up. More examples are: 01.com and 20.com with confirmed sales close to two million dollars and 708.com and 380.com both sold for over $300,000.

For the non-Chinese speaking consumer, it raises a question: What is the identity of a company using numeric domain names as their home URL? Indeed, from an English language point of view, it is impossible to tell what business 'hides' behind a numeric domain.

At least across the English-speaking internet, keyword loaded domain names with meaning, i.e. Insurance.com, VacationRentals.com, PrivateJet.com is what we like. The purchase of those jewels might have set the buyers back a few million dollars, but at least everyone knows, simply through the domain name, what the company is all about.

Going back to times when the internet was unknown, companies always have given their business a headline, a title (today called 'domain' or the URL), that pretty much described what they were doing, including, proper names, their location, trade, and profession. What a company is doing, where they located and what service or product they provide, naturally leads to billboards and bright neon light signs, that leave no doubt as to where they stand in a local or global economy.

A significant component of their success might just be their keyword domains. The natural flow of the titles, composed of plain English words, creates recognition, trust, familiarity and therefore certified long-term success; despite the fact, that some domain names are rather long, and include hyphens and, yes, even numbers.

Every company listed below, with their enhanced keyword domain name, is a

New York Stock Exchange-listed company. (NYSE).

advanceddisposal.com aquaamerica.com bostonbeer.com brighthorizons.com choicehotels.com coca-colacompany.com company.ingersollrand.com condorhospitality.com credit-suisse.com colgatepalmolive.com developersrealtygroup.com dieboldnixdorf.com wellsfargo.com emergentbiosolutions.com eaglepointcreditcompany.com emeraldexpositions.com extendedstayamerica.com freshdelmonte.com GoDaddy.com harley-davidson.com hc2.com hill-rom.com huntingtoningalls.com internationalpaper.com jalexandersholdings.com jeld-wen.com

jimbeam.com jrjrnetworks.com k12.com kimberly-clark.com l3t.com la-z-boy.com martinmarietta.com muellerwaterproducts.com naturalgrocers.com newmediainv.com newconceptenergy.com orchidspaper.com paloaltonetworks.com pier1.com planetfitness.com precisiondrilling.com regionalhealthproperties.com rubytuesday.com scottsmiraclegro.com

shirleyplantation.com shop.advanceautoparts.com speedwaymotorsports.com startek.com stanleyblackanddecker.com

statestreet.com themadisonsquaregardencompany.com treehousefoods.com usgeothermal.com warriormetcoal.com williams-sonoma.com whitemountains.com weightwatchersinternational.com wolverineworldwide.com

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