• Nicco Schaal

One-word Domain Names

Updated: Mar 3

One-word Domains

One-word domains have always demanded a high price.

However, there are exceptions to the rule. Our one-word .co domain prices are very competitive and ready to go. All domains are eight years old and are undeveloped. You are buying a one-word domain name, keyword enhanced for your startup, or to link to another website.

We offer a dozen of those much sought-after internet real estate at very reasonable prices. While most will appeal to the German-speaking market, French and English titles are also for sale.

Please copy and paste a name into your browser to see the price and stats.


  • Landmaschinen.co

  • Spielbank.co

  • Sonnenschirme.co

  • Reisecenter.co

  • Lederwaren.co

  • 3D-Fernseher.co

  • Tabakwaren.co


  • Billetterie.co


  • Drone360.co

  • France360.co

Domains are registered with GoDaddy.com and hosted with sedo.com. Contact a domain broker or Domain-inventory.com for more information.

Domain: Landmaschinen.co

Registration Date: 2010-08-11

Domain: Spielbank.co

Registration Date: 2010-08-13

Domain: Billetterie.co

Registration Date: 2010-08-13

Domain: Sonnenschirme.co

Registration Date: 2010-08-09

Domain: Reisecenter.co

Registration Date: 2010-07-24

Domain: France360.co

Registration Date: 2010-08-09

Domain: Lederwaren.co

Registration Date: 2010-08-11

Domain: 3D-Fernseher.co

Registration Date: 2010-09-02

Domain: Tabakwaren.co

Registration Date:2010-08-11

Domain: Drone360.co

Registration Date: 2015-03-18

While the domain on this page have a dot-co extension, we encourage you to see our inventory of short domain names with other top-level suffixes. For questions, please contact a domain broker or contact me.