top of page is a vintage domain.

Creation Date: 2008-10-12

When looking at Google's search results for wiz and 360, we recognize tremendous potential for this top-level domain.

A home-hitting combination of three magic letters WIZ, coupled with the symbolical number 360, and topped off with a dot-com. I wouldn't dare begin to suggest an appropriate use for such a quality domain. Still, I know the possibilities are endless across borders and languages.

Run with it and make it what you will. Still, a domain on a website called is easy to remember, impossible to misspell, and all-encompassing. It's just one of those rare buys that makes it a top-level quality domain.

A one-word top-level domain. With a global appeal that is easy to remember, is a premium domain for a great website,, games, entertainment, events, electronics, media, and hundreds of other possibilities.

  • Buy this unique domain now, or make an offer. This is an investment that pays for itself in no time at all.

Own it, make an offer, place a bid, or buy outright.

Please get in touch with me with any questions you may have

or for additional information.

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